Next generation inspire during SportsAid Week

Through our work with SSE Next Generation and theJaguar Land Rover Academy of Sport it’s been incredibly inspiring to come into contact with so many young athletes pursuing their dream.

Both of those programs feature athletes selected by SportsAid, a charity that helps young, unfunded athletes overcome financial challenges to become GB’s next generation of Olympians, Paralympians and world champions.

So we were thrilled to receive a video brief from SportsAid to collaborate on the first SportsAid Week, a new initiative designed to encourage schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, clubs and individuals to raise money to support young sports stars.

We spent three days on location filming with the SportsAid team at their London offices as well as with their partners MyLotto24 and the Royal Bank of Canada.

And it was great to see the way employees at those firms engaged with the young people and were inspired to see where their sponsorship money was going first-hand.

We captured some great footage and we’re busy working through the post-production process now, and looking forward to seeing the final edits which will be used by SportsAid to promote the campaign over the next 12 months.